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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


many thanks to Erin and Jon! a beautiful sunday wedding at The Oaks:

"We didn't get the opportunity to personally thank a few of you for the wonderful work you all did for the marriage of Erin and Jon Sunday.

In a pre-breakfast blessing Monday, Jim asked for some Devine help in coming up with a new word that would accurately portray something that was better than perfect. This morning, that prayer was answered. The new word is:

awerrific (awe-rrific): completely, totally without flaws or faults; a step beyond perfect; an extremely rare combination of awesome and terrific

awerrifiction (awe-rrific-tion): the state of being beyond perfection;

As we continue to thank our awerrific God for his amazing blessings, we ask that you please accept our heartfelt thanks for your roles in that awerrific day that will be forever etched in our memories."

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